About Moxie Java

Moxie Java® is a dedicated gourmet coffee roaster, operated by people who have a passion for quality coffee in the coffee industry. Our master roaster artisan roasts our coffee in small batches with a fluid bed air roaster in our facility. We have found roasting coffee this way produces better uniformity of the roast and does not burn the beans in any way. This results in a smooth tasting coffee regardless of it being a light, medium, or dark roast.

Moxie Java International®, LLC is a subsidiary of Boise-based Chase Enterprises, Inc. Rick and Stephanie Dean (Chase Enterprises, Inc.) purchased Moxie Java® in 2001 and have been fueling continued growth and prosperity since. Rick and Stephanie Dean have been in the food industry for over 38 years, farming many acres of wheat, barley, lentils, canola and garbanzo beans. Purchasing Moxie Java® is an extension of the many years of knowledge in growing, harvesting, and selling to the marketplace agricultural produce. This knowledge makes it much easier to locate excellent high quality coffee buyers who also understand the production of superior coffee beans from the plantation to the wholesaler, then the roaster to make that excellent cup of coffee for you.

Our entire line of coffees are roasted in our Roasterie at 4990 W. Chinden Boulevard, where we roast and pack our gourmet coffee products immediately before shipment worldwide. This facility is located in Garden City Idaho, a suburb of Boise. It also serves as our World Headquarters and houses our corporate offices, distribution facility and a Moxie Java Bistro® retail store. We’ve been at this location since April 1st, 2005.

We are proud of our heritage and want to share the knowledge of our wonderful flagship products, our coffees, with you.


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