Splash with Moxie Java: It Only Takes a Day to Make a Summer

Splash With Moxie Java 2013On Monday, August 12th, Moxie Java sent 127 kids to Roaring Springs and treated the Meridian, Garden City and Ontario Boys and Girls Club kids to free Roaring Springs tickets, a picnic lunch and a Splash with Moxie Java T-Shirt. With the support of Roaring Springs, Food Service of America and KIZN 92.3 FM, today made the summer for many of these excited children.

Moxie Java started the Splash with Moxie Java program four years ago and today was the third outing this summer for the clubs that come from Mountain Home to Ontario. Over 1,000 deserving club members have enjoyed the Splash program generating many squeals, giggles and screams.